RVS #1

The rear LED light cluster ensures optimal vehicle visibility and features  new ‘smoked’ cover. Tank and seat provide further evidence of craftsmanship: the former has been machined so that titanium strips can be set in it, making an already original design inimitable. Redesigned to enhance ergonomics and comfort, the seat has an exclusive eye-catching honeycomb pattern. The right-hand side of the bike features a powerful pair of LED spotlights, exclusive to the RVS#1. Mounted on a light carbon fibre support, the two LED lights are controlled by a dedicated handlebar switch and are connected to a pair of on-off status indicators. Machined-from-solid rear view mirrors are perfectly consistent with the RVS#1 project, as the evocative red-eyed skull graphic clearly indicates.The titanium exhaust included in the kit was designed and built by SCProject together with MV Agusta: this racing-derived model significantly improves performance while providing a clear weight saving. It gives the rear of the RVS#1 rugged personality, bringing out the bike’s refined yet muscled design. Designed for use on race tracks or areas not open to public traffic, this exhaust is not road-legal. The rider footpegs – anodized and then CNC machine-finished – take their cue from the MV Agusta cogwheel logo.
That characterisation extends to the Pirelli MT 60 RS tyres, which bring out the full aesthetic and practical potential of the RVS#1, extending its scope beyond the traditional horizons of road bikes.

The heart of the RVS#1 is MV Agusta’s powerful, in-line three-cylinder 800 cc engine: 150 hp at 12,800 rpm and unbeatable in terms of its compactness and power-to-weight ratio. A technological icon that combines outstanding thermodynamic efficiency with supersport performance.
Carefully selected components that combine lightness and practicality have drastically reduced bike weight to just 160 kg – eight less than the standard Dragster 800 RR (weight-power 0.93 kg per hp in the kit configuration). Numbers like these speak for themselves. As does the powerful three-cylinder engine, with its eye-watering acceleration (0-100 kph in 3.72 sec.). Featuring two injectors per cylinder and the renowned counterrotating crankshaft configuration (that reduces inertia when changing direction), the engine is now further refined thanks to upgraded components such as the chain tensioner, starter motor, camshafts and valve guides; combustion chamber flows have also been optimised. The outcome is a more efficient, quieter Euro 4 engine that boasts unparalleled power and finesse, as seen, for example, in the removable gearbox. With redesigned gears, the latter increases the available shift time by 47%, ensuring smoother, more precise shifting. What’s more, the RVS#1 incorporates specially developed engine strategies for an even more exciting, exclusive riding experience.

Main characteristics of the MV Agusta RVS#1:

  • Engine: Three cylinder, 4 stroke, 12 valve
  • Bore: 79 mm x 54.3 mm (3.1 in. x 2.1 in.)
  • Maximum power: 103 kW (140 hp) at 12.500 r.p.m. – 110 kW (150 hp) at 12.800 r.p.m.***
  • Maximum torque: 87 Nm (8.87 kgm) at 10.100 r.p.m.
  • Dry weight: 168 kg (370.4 lbs.) – 160 kg (352.7 lbs.)***
  • Tyres: Front Pirelli MT 60 RS WF 120/70 – ZR 17 M/C (58 W) – Rear Pirelli MT 60 RS WR 180/55 – ZR 17 M/C (73 W)